Thursday, August 23, 2007

soap and septics

Tuesday I tried an experiment. I made my own laundry soap with this recipe. It was really, really simple and probably cost less than $1.00. I had saved two laundry detergent jugs and refilled them with the soap I had made myself. It had to sit for 24 hours and "gel", so I haven't been able to try it yet, but today's the day! I'll let you know how it works. It's just another way to save money AND help out my septic system!

My husband and I own several rental apartments. One of them had constant problems with the septic tank plugging up and backing up into the unit. Finally, after we had a "septic guy" come out and dig up the line, he said it was plugged up with laundry soap. It seems that the powdered soap, especially the cheaper brands, tend to clump up in the septic lines and clog them ...the same with powdered dishwasher soap. While I'm not crazy about liquid dishwasher soap; it's so messy, and expensive to purchase, I thought I'd try my hand at making my own liquid laundry soap. We'll see if it works! Maybe I can find a recipe for dishsoap next!


Your favorite daughter said...

Mom as neat as this is you are starting to worry

anita said...

lol. that's okay, you've worried me for 23 years.