Monday, August 27, 2007


I've posted stories on here about my one and only grandson, Josiah, but haven't talked much about my beautiful granddaughters. I have six granddaughters. The next-to-youngest is McKenzie-Marie. McKenzie is 4 years old. She is tall, like everyone else in this family, and people often think she's older than she is. I think McKenzie must be the most beautiful child I've ever seen. (Outside of her mother.) She has big, beautiful brown eyes that just sparkle. She's incredibly bright and has such a great sense of humor. She's a lot like her mother, in that she's awnry and stubborn, and doesn't like to do what she's told. (Sorry Jen!, but you know it's true!) I think that's the German coming out in her.

Friday we went to the high school and watched her perform at her cheerleading camp. Now, please don't take offense, but I'm not a big cheerleading fan. I always thought it was kinda silly, but then maybe that's because I only lasted a week at cheerleading tryouts and decided it just wasn't for me. This tall body of mine just wasn't ever going to be able to do a really good cartwheel, and forget about the splits. Regardless, McKenzie loved it! She even won an award for best smile. The best thing was that it was something that she did, outside the shadow of her big brother and baby sister. It was a joy to see her laughing and smiling and just having fun!


Jen said...

This is really nice mom.....Your a good grandma..It's no wonder your grandchildren love you so much!

Heckert's Highway said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!!! How blessed you are!