Monday, August 6, 2007

4.6 Pounds!

Last fall when I had my annual physical, my doctor and I had a conversation about how different life is now than it was a generation ago. We are exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis that it is impossible to avoid them all completely. The impact and toll it is taking on the average woman's health is staggering.

Recently I read an article that stated that the average woman who wears makeup on a daily basis absorbs 4.6 pounds of chemicals per year into her body. That's frightening. The article went on to say that many women use 20 or more different beauty products per day. I thought 20 was ridiculous, who uses that many products? I always felt like I was a fairly low-maintenance woman, so, I made a list of various products I use on a daily basis:

toothpaste (twice a day)
face lotion (twice a day)
face powder
eye shadow
chap stick
face soap
eye cream
shaving cream
zit cream

That's 19. 21 if you count using two products twice. I'm pretty much average, and apparently not as low-maintenance as I had thought. If you add in acrylic nails, hair dye and nail polish, I use more than the average woman. Not to mention various products used occasionally, such as tanning lotion, etc.

So, I made a decision to eliminate many of these products from my "beauty routine". If you see me around town sans makeup, you'll know why! It's all in an effort to take better care of my health, simplify my life, and save money. I may not be beautiful, but hey, I'll be healthier, right? My list is now down to 8 products per day, with 2 others i use 2-3 times a week. I'll leave it up to you to guess which products I've eliminated. I'm not sure I'll ever give up the hair dye or nail polish, though. Like Pastor Gary said a few weeks ago, if the fence needs paintin', paint it!

Have a blessed day!


Bailee said...

4.6 - eek!
I think I'm pretty low maintenance:
shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, face lotion, mascara, bronzer, exfoliant,& chapstick. Well nine things are okay right?
Thanks for the info!

Lois said...

They say beauty is only skin-deep but your's comes from deep within your soul. Makeup or not, you will always be beautiful.

Jaynee said...

Here is a shameless plug for my daughter in law Joanna's "home business" Arbonne International. It is all about teaching good health and reveals all kinds of info about the "toxic" stuff we use on/in our bodies every day. I use some of these natural skin care produts and I really do love them. Check it out online or call Joanna. I'll get you the number.

anita said...

thanks jaynee. i heard she was selling Arbonne and was wondering what it was like...i'll definitely check it out!

anita said... that you Mom? i love you.

Lois said...

Yes, this is your mom. I love you too.

{B} said...

Anita, you have to try is wonderful!!!