Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fine print!

After spending months looking for a headboard/footboard and frame for the queen size bed in our guest bedroom, I finally found one that was perfect! It was on sale in the Penneys catalog for only $149! AND, one of my dear friends had a coupon for FREE shipping...this means with tax, it was only going to cost me $163! It was metal and wood and perfect...exactly what I wanted! So, my husband went online this morning to order it for me. After he had paid, a popup came on that said if you filled out this short questionnaire you could save an additional $10. He decided not to bother and attempted to print out the receipt, but it had disappeared from the screen. At this point, he decided to call the Penneys catalog department to see if the order had gone through or not. When he talked with the operator she explained to him that Yes, the order had gone through, BUT, I was not going to receive free shipping...instead, I was going to be charged approximately $119 for shipping! My husband explained to her that we had a promotional code and that the shipping charges had not shown up when he ordered it. The lady from Penneys told him..."but the bed had to be shipped by truck, so you still have to pay." Well, of course the bed has to be shipped by truck! Isn't everything shipped by truck? When was the last time you saw something being delivered by camel around here? and I don't really have room for a plane to land in my front yard, although I have seen planes land at the neighbors on the lake. I know, I know... The point is...I'm NOT going to pay almost as much to ship a bed, as I am to pay for it. So, I canceled the order. I'll probably go to the IKEA and buy one off the warehouse floor. Still I'm bummed, I really liked that bed. But for now, I guess the mattress and box springs will continue to sit on the floor where they've been for the last six months.

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