Sunday, September 23, 2007

new toys

My hubby bought a new toy. and I object.
As I've spoken about before, we have what is commonly referred to as a "bonus room".
this room is basically a small movie theater.
it has a 10' big screen projector tv. (yes, ten FEET)
it has three levels of floor, for your viewing pleasure.
it has black leather, recliner theater seats (with cup holders!)
it has butt-thumper speakers.
it has surround sound.
it has a VCR and a DVD player
it has a DVD changer that holds 400 movies, (yes, 400!)
it has a Wii game hooked up to the big screen
it has...well, you get the picture

up until this point all of our movies were listed on paper in alphabetical order. want to watch a movie, look it up on the movie list. buy new movies? update the list, print out a new one. easy, right?

nope, not to my hubby, mr. technology! he didn't like the paper list. he didn't like having to print a new list every couple of months to add the new movies to it.

i don't know what the new toy is called, let's just refer to it as the black box, shall we? want to watch a movie? follow these steps...

make sure the universal remote is on "Main"
turn on the power
push the dvd button
wait..give it time to warm up
the movie listing will come's divided into genres...animated, comedy, etc.
scroll down thru the movies
find what you want
push the center button
voila, it plays!

want to take a movie out and play it on another dvd player? find the slot number on the list, wait unti it loads, push the open button, push the eject button and out it pops. Need to put the DVD back into the black box? Go thru the whole process all over again.

I'm looking for simple. This ain't it. Whatever happened to just finding the movie you want, taking it out of the case, popping it into the DVD and pushing the play button? That's simple.

p.s. the universal remote now also operates all the lights in the room. if it could only pop me some popcorn and serve it I might just buy into this whole nonsense.


Julia said...

I like paper lists.

Dave said...

it's a guy thing and i like it, but then again i'm a guy :)

Mom said...

Anita, "Simple" is in your genes. I am all for the easy way to do things so you come by it naturally! You would have loved the "Good old days"! :)