Friday, September 21, 2007

Laundry Room continued

Somehow, someway, my laundry tub has been re-plumbed. I managed to wiggle and jiggle it back into position the other day, past the impinging new tile, only to discover there are two little fat posts under the front edge of it, that evidently are supposed to have holes cut out for them so the tub sits flush with the counter, and stays in one place. There are NO holes being cut in my new tile counter, however. Sometime between this post and today the laundry tub plumbing was reconnected, sans faucet. Not sure who is responsible for this, but I'm not complaining, either. Except that it would have been easier to remove said little fat posts under the front edge BEFORE the tub was hooked up, rather than after. I think, however, that I will venture into the black hole known as our Big garage, as opposed to the small garage, which is attached to the house, which is ONLY supposed to house our cars, but, in actuality houses only the motorcycle and a bunch of junk, and find a file, which I will attempt to use to file down the fat little posts so that the laundry tub lies flush with the new tile counter top. Somehow, I will make this work. Then all that's left is to find the faucet and reinstall it, which, for some reason, unknown to me, was removed. Can't quite figure out how that one happened.


Jen said...


Mom said...

If you put a file on your Christmas list, it might be faster than finding one in the "Black hole".:)

Julia said...

HOORAY! I thought it'd be sooner than later. (you "said" it in public, Seems to attach commitment to words)