Sunday, September 9, 2007

At last!

It's here!
Seahawks season opener!!!!

and we have no cable.

i may have to rethink this idea.
or go to the pavilion and watch it on the big screen.

For many years we had two season tickets to the Seahawks. We bought them from a lady that worked in our office who had bought them back in the 70s in Season One. They were on the 40 yard line, Seahawk side, 20 rows up, and they were awesome! We went to every home game and loved every minute of it. We got to know the other ticket holders around us and looked forward to seeing them every other week. Then the King Dome was torn down and the Hawks played at Husky Stadium. The seats were uncomfortable for our long legs, but we persevered and hung in there until the new stadium was done. Then the order to keep our season tickets we were told we would have to buy the rights to buy the tickets. Although I don't recall the exact price it was around several thousand dollars for each seat. After paying that amount, we could then buy the tickets, which were approximately $500 per game, per seat!! We'd been paying $38 a seat in the King Dome. It would literally cost us over $1000 to go to a Seahawks game. Of course, this was a no-brainer; there was no way we would pay that much money. Oh, but it was SO disappointing. We'd been loyal fans for so long. Sadly, we gave up our seats. But, we still remain fans. Let's hope this season's team is Superbowl-bound once again!!!



greg said...

they don't have seahawks in oklahoma. but i did get to see the husky game! i like your blog, your writing is sensitive and refreshing. keep it up.

Jen said...

Mom please rehook the cable up...Your killing me even if you just get through channel 13...:)

Alice said...

AUUUGH football season. where i get to have my soul crushed week after week by the giants. CAN THEY NOT HAVE AN OFFENSE AND A DEFENSE AT THE SAME TIME? IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? i'll be here in a demoralized heap after last night's season opener. sigh.

anita said...

yea Seahawawks, victory #1!