Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Eagles

I love this new song and video by the Eagles...(warning, you'll need to turn off my music player first!) Guess I'm showing my age here! I remember 1977, rolling in my 71 Ford Pinto, singing away to Hotel California...ah, the good old days!


Jaynee said...

I LOVE IT! The Eagles are my favorite band EVER!! I got the live, Hell Freezes Over DVD for my birthday a couple of years ago after Len and I went to hear them at the White River Amphitheater for their reunion tour.
Best Concert ever! Well...then there was Paul McCartney at the Tacoma Dome.
Guess I'm just a rock 'n roll girl too.

jeremy said...

The Eagles are awesome, and one of the few bands that have IMPROVED over the years, um decades.

Us guitar players are so thankful for the eagles music since most of us learned to play to it. Love 'em.

dad said...

its not country but not bad

anita said...

yea..there was also Rod Stewart and
Fleetwood Mac in the stadium in San Diego...

ah, the 70s