Friday, July 6, 2007

Where I'm From~

I am from palm trees and sunshine, from farms and small towns, from grape koolaid and Maidrites on Saturday night.

I am from the white house on 7th Avenue, with shutters and black trim and ten layers of peeling wallpaper on the walls, from alleys in the back with burn barrels in the yard, and a garden overflowing with abundance.

I am from fireflies in green glass canning jars, pink moss roses along the sidewalk and rhubarb in the garden.

I am from Grandma's rocking chair, and "dinner" around the big square table, from house dresses and aprons with ric-rac around the neck, and grandpa's hand-rolled cigarettes.

I am from Heinrichs and Addymans-frugal and stubborn, quick to love and quick to anger, always loyal.

From immigrants and strong women, shaped by famine and the depression, from pioneers and wandering souls.

I am from lifelong Lutherans and church on Sunday mornings, from four digit phone numbers and doors that never needed to be locked. I am from believing and faith.

I'm from Germany and Iowa and California, from homemade bread and dumplings and sauerkraut, from the beach and surfer bangs, Friday night football and marching band.

From the career Navy father and hard-working mother, the middle child and only daughter, the granddaughter of Archie, with the wooden leg, who I never knew, and Minnie, who always knew when the moose was loose.

I am from faded black and whites in boxes on the shelf and high school yearbooks in cedar chests. I am from long-forgotten dreams, a broken heart and tears on my cheeks. I am from children, long-desired and hard-loved and grandchildren…the best of me that will ever be.


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