Monday, July 23, 2007

junk food

I used to eat at McDonald's every. single. day. Without fail. I had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a medium diet coke. I started this nasty habit when my kids were small, probably twenty years ago. In fact, I remember this town before there was a McDonald's here. Over the last twenty years I've probably been their best customer. I would take the kids and meet my girlfriends there, the kids would play in the playland and we would sit and eat or have "coffee" and visit. As the years went by my kids grew up, my friends went back to school or back to work, or both, and eventually I was left to go to McDonald's by myself. So I did. I'd take my book, or buy a paper, and sit by myself and eat. Eventually, the pounds began to pile up and I began to re-think this idea. So, I cut back to just Thursdays. I would stop at the store, grab the weekly paper, and head for McDonald's...usually rushing to get there before 10:30, the magical cut-off time for breakfast!

As time has gone on, my dislike for the Journal has grown and I no longer stop and purchase a newspaper on Thursdays. Eventually, my regular Thursday morning jaunt turned into an occasional stop or run thru the drivethru to pick up something if I was in a hurry.

Then, I saw this:

I may never eat at McDonald's again.
And what's up with the freaky Ronald McDonald?


Jaynee said...

Now I know why I don't eat at McDonalds!
Hey Anita, I really enjoy your blog. I'm glad you tweekd it to make it easier to comment. I tried to leave one when you wrote the really nice one about Len and that Sunday at church. It really blessed Him and me too.
Love you,

kristi said...

I have always really hated fast food. then we watched "Super Size Me", and I hated it even more.

But I have to admit that lately I've been loving Burgerkings breakfast. On their $1 menu they offer french toast sticks and cini-minis. Perfect for Judah and I to share!

I still can't bring myself to ever eat a fast food hamburger though.