Friday, July 27, 2007

Spiritual Warfare

The strangest thing just happened to me. I had started to write this post...

What do you think of spiritual warfare?

No sooner had I typed it, than my computer froze up. When I tried to restore my session, the post was gone...

My family has been through so much the last few years. We've weathered storms that most families would never even dream of going through, some of which were caused by choices that were made by members of my family; choices completely out of character and contrary to everything we believe and raised our children to believe. Others which were caused by things we had absolutely no control over. We are still in the midst of the battle. I believe that our family is under attack by the evil one. Others say it's just a sign of the times. Maybe it's both?

I don't think it's safe to discount the theory of spiritual attack. Satan wants to destroy Christian homes and marriages and families. I want to encourage the husbands and fathers that may read this to pray daily for your families. Be the leaders God has called you to be. Strengthen yourself with the armor of God.

All I know is that I am able to persevere because God gives me the strength. A weaker marriage would have crumbled under the pressure, but God has been ever-faithful to us and seen us through, and brought us even closer together. I love this amazing man that I am married to more today than ever before, and I thank God for blessing my life with his love.

Philippians 4:13 NIV

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.


cindy said...

Hey Anita. Sounds like you married a winner huh? :) Daniel and I will have 4 years under our belt next month, and it's crazy to think of what the future holds. It's good to hear of lasting's rare to find these days. :)

PAW said...

Hi, Anita. I was told to check out your blog by a wonderful couple here in the Medford area who attend my church. This is a great question you're asking here.

I think that there is such a thing as spiritual warfare, and that it is very real in our lives. The important thing, no matter how you articulate the experience of the challenges, is to remember that God is with you throughout it all.

For me one of the most amazing examples of this is Joseph in the book of Genesis. (Yes, Jesus is too, but when I'm down I attribute a lot to his "fully divine" nature rather than his "fully human" nature, it's a great scape-goat for me. ;) Joseph was just a human.) Not only does he not give up in a set of horrific circumstances and betrayals; by trusting in God's help he ends up saving his family in the long run.

It has been a big comfort in my life to remember that, with God's help, even the darkest of experiences can become a light. It may not happen right away (trust me, it rarely does) but it does happen. Just think of sponsors who show the way to recovery. Or survivors who give hope to victims throughout the world. They could not do those things if they did not know the dark themselves.

Yes, evil is in this world, and sometimes it feels as if evil is winning everything. Yet, "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." And it never shall.

Hold onto faith. Hold on to your loved ones. And know that, no matter where you find yourself, you are never alone, for God is named Emmanuel - God with us.