Friday, July 20, 2007

Manufactured Landscapes

I read Kristi's recent post on technology with a lot of interest. I must admit, technology has, more than once, been a source of disagreement between my husband and I. He is a techno-fiend! He loves every cool gizmo and gadget that comes out. I, on the other hand, find most technology reason enough to roll my eyes and wish I would have inherited my grandmother's ringer washing machine.

When we built our house we put in an alarm system. At various times the alarm would sound for no reason whatsoever, spewing an ear-piercing, shreaking voice shouting at decibels loud enough for all of the lake to hear..."Intruder, Intruder! Alert! Leave the premises IMMEDIATELY!!" We never were able to figure out what the problem was with it, because just as mysteriously as it started, it stopped.

I've been reduced to near tears more than once, just trying to watch a DVD movie. All I want to do is turn on the TV, pop in the DVD, and watch a movie...yet there are so many switches and remote controls, it frustrates me to no end. When we started our remodeling project two and a half years ago, which remains unfinished to this day, (that's another whole post) my husband installed an actual movie theater, with a 100" projector screen, reclining theater seats, and surround sound. It comes complete with a butt-thumper speaker system and a remote control that even controls the lights. I'm surprised you can't order a pizza and have it delivered with the darn thing.

Cell phones are convenient when you need one, but so annoying when you're trying to sit and visit with a friend. I don't know how many times I've tried to just have lunch or visit with one of my friends or kids and their cell phone has rang and rang and rang, making a conversation almost impossible.

The question I've always had was...isn't technology supposed to make our lives easier? Yet, it seems to me, that often times it makes it more complicated. I mean, my husband tried for months to get me to use a palm pilot. I finally gave it to my son, because, frankly, I'd rather use a calendar and a pen!

Yet, I will this blog obviously portends...I love our computer and the internet. I spend WAY more time on it than I probably should. I have an Ipod and, frankly, I love it, too. In fact, it's probably the best/coolest gift my husband has ever given me. Well, outside of my engagement ring, that is!

Something I've recently become aware of is e-waste: the byproduct of all of those dead and obsolete computers and cell phones, and yet another reason to think twice before you run out and by that bigger and better, new and improved computer, cell phone, or whatever.

This video was posted over at No Impact Man...thought some people might find it interesting: ('s a little long, but worth the watch)

and another...(you'll have to turn my music off to watch these).

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kristi said...

I hadn't heard of e-waste before. I just assumed things like that ended up at the dump with other garbage. I even saw irons and things in the videos you posted. Crazy to think of where our waste ends up. I definitely didn't think Asia!