Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a find!

I had the hubby drive me to Olympia yesterday because I wasn't feeling well, but I had to go and get some things done.

First shoes for my granddaughter. I promised her I would buy her new ones as her old ones are two sizes too small. I intended to stop at Famous Footwear because the word on the streets was they had pink shoes. Hubby took a different route and went to the Goodwill first, though, in search of some items needed for the trailer. There, lo and behold, I found black soccer shoes with pink her size...perfect! I called Famous Footwear...nope, no soccer shoes with pink on them! Six bucks..what a bargain! Now, for an older child or adult, I probably wouldn't buy used shoes, as they tend to conform to the shape of the foot, but for a 5 year old? Perfect!

Next up...drapes for the guest room. What did I find? The perfect linen, lined, tab tops, perfect size...six dollars a panel...$12.00 total for drapes I probably would have paid almost $100 for in the store. What a deal!

We were able to skip Famous Footwear and head to Costco next. We got the things we wanted, all except a table for camping, but we did find four aluminum camping chairs...lightweight, comfortable and pretty much perfect.

Next to Fred Meyer, where we found a small, portable, propane bbq on sale for $20.

Guess it must have been our lucky day! :)


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Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Don't you love "finds" at goodwill. I have a 5 month granddaughter and get her lots of stuff at the Good will much does it get worn at that age and so much cheaper than buying new....