Saturday, June 21, 2008

and the winner is...

I made a decision about the car. The Suzuki it is. I think. I just filled up the tank and will drive it until it's empty to check the gas mileage and get a more accurate reading, but the list of pros and cons reads like this:

running good
less miles
better gas mileage
easy to zip in and out, easy to park

kinda rough and uncomfortable to ride in
needs a new belt
needs a front end alignment
sucky cup holders (this is important, people!)
filthy, stinky dirty, desperately in need of detailing

more comfortable
generally just nicer

generally just a poc: broken suspension, brake lights on 24/7, door panel broken
not as economical
every freaking cop in town follows me thinking it's my son driving the car

In the end, it was just the gas mileage that was the deciding factor. That and I can parallel park it in front of the church without being completely and totally embarrassed by my lack of mad parking skills!

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