Sunday, June 22, 2008

oh my aching tooth.

First it was the flu. Took me out of action for two days. Now I have a raging toothache. I managed to get into the dentist Friday afternoon. He took an x-ray and concluded that he had no idea what was wrong. Doesn't look abscessed. Can't see any cracks. (I've already had a root canal on the tooth and it has a crown.) Maybe there are four roots? Go see a specialist. In the meantime, take some pills. Oy vey, why do these things happen on a Friday? When we're trying to leave on vacation on Monday? How much money can one tooth cost? Will we ever hit the road for our next adventure? The tooth hurts. My whole head hurts. The pills are making me sick. Oy vey.

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Julia said...

Poor Anita! I hate tooth pain!