Monday, October 8, 2007

Another rant

Why is it JC Penney's can spend a bajillion dollars remodeling their store, but can't afford to pay for more employees? The Penney's store in our local mall was just remodeled, and in the process they eliminated several customer service stands. I had to stand in line for ten minutes today to pay for two items, along with five other people waiting to purchase items. I can't imagine what it's going to be like at Christmas time. Ten minutes isn't really that long, except, you would think if they can remodel their store, they can afford to PAY people to work in the store. It probably wouldn't have taken nearly so long if one of the customers hadn't decided that she needed to save 15% by using her JCPenney's credit card, which she swore was in her name, but she didn't have with her. As it turns out, it was in her husband's name, so he had to come and show his i.d., then they realized it had been canceled, BUT (!) no problem (!) they'd just open another account. Simply fill out the application, show your i.d., AGAIN, and they'll make a quick phone call and get it all set up. Several weeks ago, I was there shopping for drapes. When I asked the lady at the desk in the drapery department for some help, she told me she only sold CUSTOM draperies, and I needed to find someone else to help me. I finally found someone in the bra department who pulled out a catalog and tried to help me. Furthermore, WHY does Penney's have a beauty salon? I mean, really, how often when you wanted to get your hair done have you said, Hmm..I know, I'll go to Penneys, I know SO many people who have gotten such GREAT haircuts there!

Maybe I'm just bitter after my experience with the bed.


jeremy said...

Thats why i shop online.

I loathe the mall. I hate parking there. I hate the lines. I hate being bombarded with solicitations to get store credit cards. I hate trying on clothes. I hate smells of the perfume sections and that no matter where i am going i have to walk through that stink.

I'm done with the mall. Done!

The nail in the coffin for me what when i went into the Victoria Secret store to buy my wife some silky pajamas. Pajamas - you know, they come in small, medium, large. And this girl who must have been barely 18 and wearing trashy clothes approached me for help. I asked where the fancy pajamas are. Did she say; "well sir, they're over there." Oh no, thats not what she said. Nope. She flung her shoulders back and stuck her chest out at me and said "how big is she compared to me?" UG! I knew my wifes stinking bra size, but i wasn't buying a bra, i was buying $%@&* pajamas!!! I wanted the medium! I felt weird going in there to begin with, which she probably could tell, and now im real uncomfortable, a bit pissed, and faced with temptations to respond with any number of equally uncomfortable and inappropriate ways that would either teach her a lesson and get me arrested, or worse yet; not.

Yea, me and malls - no more!

anita said...

oh, the was ridiculous! i drove around and around and couldn't find a parking spot...not just a "close" one...ANY parking spot! I hardly ever go to the mall anymore, I just wanted to look for a particular Christmas present I had in mind for someone and since I was in oly thought I'd see if i could find what i wanted. Which, by the way, I didn't. Next time it'll be Target, or online!