Tuesday, October 23, 2007

just dandy...

I got a speeding ticket yesterday.
Just dandy.
In 33 years of driving I've gotten two tickets, including the one I got yesterday.
A state trooper, driving on the Matlock Rd.; doesn't he have anything better to do, like patrol the highways? hello? He's a highway patrolman!
Almost as dumb as the article in the local fish wrap about the sheriff deputy sitting on a logging road because people had been dumping garbage there.
Someone used our rental truck to rob a local farm store, they have it on camera, and the sheriff's department is too busy to do anything about it, but they can sit on a logging road in case someone happens to come along to dump some garbage.
Oh my gosh.
Taxpayer's dollars at work.
The trooper said I was going 60, my speedometer said I was going 51 or 52, seriously.
I thought the speed limit was 50. It was 45.
The first time I got a ticket, I cried.
This time I got mad.
I argued with him.
I don't think it helped.
But he did write it for going 50 in a 45.
So maybe it did.
It's still gonna cost me $98.
How dumb.
I try to obey the law and this is what I get for it.
and what is it with cops...are they all trained to be rude?


Jen said...

This is hilarious..poor mommy....:)Smile!

Mom said...

I understand your anger, but just think of it as doing your patriotic duty, donating your money to get those pot-holes filled!

bailee said...

i think my dad is a nice guy :) sorry though, that really is lame!

anita said...

all the law enforcement officers that i know personally, are always really nice...it's just the ones that i've dealt with in "work" situations that are always really rude...your dad is super nice, so is Toby!

Jami said...

I know what you mean about what they spend there time on. It seems like crime happens and nothing ever seems to be done about it, but speeding is another story... :)