Friday, October 5, 2007


Does anybody iron anymore?
When I was a kid my mom taught me to iron by starting out with handkerchiefs.
From there, I moved on to pillow cases and sheets, and then, finally to shirts, pants, etc.
I distinctly remember my mom standing in the basement of our house in Wildwood, Illinois, shaking water from a bottle with a cork in the top, punctured with little holes, onto my Dad's shirts and pants, then rolling them up, and getting them ready to iron.
I've never really liked ironing very much and avoid it as much as possible, except when it comes to handkerchiefs. For some reason, I really like to iron my hankies and bandanas and sometimes I still iron my pillow cases. I leave the shirts to the cleaners most of the time, though. Light on the starch, please!


Julia said...

I only iron when I sew. Poor James has to iron his own shirts.

.justin said...

in college i used to iron when i was mad.

as in it was my anger reliever.
it was a big joke around the dorms.

but i haven't ironed in years.

people who look at my clothes know that.

someone commented on my dress that day i preached at 1bC. they said it looked like i was on my way to "mow the yard"?!?!


anita said...

or maybe gather the sheep?
looked fine to me, rather dressy compared to my hubby! lol

Jami said...

I don't like to iron. I don't really get the point when they are just going to get wrinkled by the time you get in and out of your car anyways. So the only time I iron is when I'm cheating on sewing by doing the heat fuse stuff. Most of the time I just put the stuff back in the dryer with a wet something to get the wrinkles out.

Jenny said...

I 2nd that Jami..Why iron when it's just going to get ruined when you sit down..But then my husband sys if I say that then why should we make the bed we are just going to sleep in it

Mom said...

After all these years, I still have that little gizmo for dampening clothes, somewhere in our belongings. That was before we had steam irons. It worked! Now all you young ladies can look forward to ironing since l00% cotton is making a comeback!

anita said...

What? I SO totally want that!

Mom said...

I'll find it for you.