Saturday, October 27, 2007

Random Ramblings

I went to REI today while the hubby went to Fife and got new cables for the headsets on our motorcycle helmets. I found THE most awesome, comfortable shoes which I didn't buy, but intend to, next payday. I'm justifying the expense because my doctor says I need better footwear.

I need better footwear because I have tendinitis in my hip. Actually, this hip has bothered me for years. Yep, years. It's gotten so bad lately that I can't walk or do any exercise without it really, really bothering me. Now, after just about paying off my physical therapy bill for the tendinitis I had in my elbow, I get to start more physical therapy. The good news is I've paid the deductible on my health insurance. The bad news is it's the end of October. Hopefully, I'll be done with physical therapy by January 1.

I seem to have an issue with 'itis' in tendinitis in my shoulder, elbow, hip...I guess it's an inflammation issue. I'm doing some reading on changing my diet to try to eliminate it. We'll see if it helps.

Tonight we went to see the movie Dan in Real Life. Basically, I loved it. It was sweet and funny and just an all around good movie. No one got shot. Nothing got blown up. Some might call it a chic flick...I just thought it was a good "date movie". I especially liked the music.

I went and looked at a house the other day. (The day I got the ticket, which is where I was headed when I got pulled over.) Can't believe I actually went and looked at a house that was for sale. The house was nice: 2000 sq. ft. give or take, on two acres, but LOUD. It was just off the main road and every logging truck that went by hit the brakes on the corner and you could hear all the traffic. Exactly what I don't want. My hubby says he'll never move into a house that's already built. If we want to move, it has to be into a house we have built for ourselves. I know it's only because he has to have his "media room". I don't really want to sell my house, but if I could find something that was nice on some acreage, I might consider it.

Finally, we closed at the laundromat tonight for my daughter so she and her hubby could go "out". Their first date in almost a year. A misunderstanding over who was supposed to work ended up with no one showing up, so, being the manager, it was left to my daughter to go in and cover the closing shift. She was so disappointed after having found babysitters for all three kids and having planned this night out, so the hubby and I offered to go in when we got home from our movie. It was fun, but hard work. I never realized how long it takes to clean washers and dryers. Got a little freaked out over the guy sleeping in his car in the parking lot, but around 10:00 an apparent friend of his showed up with a beer in his hand, climbed into the car, and drove off.

I am so happy at the weather this week. It's been gorgeous out. Chilly, but oh so sunny. Perfect autumn weather. The leaves are changing and the neighbors have been having fires in their fireplaces. I love, love, love this time of year!


Senior Bowler said...

Love this time of the year also. Good time for walks...smoked for so many years that I do not do well in hot weather walking. Try to do the WW thing, so the walking will be good for that.

cindy said...

we loved that movie. :) very fun and refreshing. it made daniel very happy we're having a they're much better! :)