Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This evening I went to the soccer field to watch my grandkids' soccer games. On my way into the fields I carried with me: a sweatshirt, blanket, lawn chair, can of soda, car keys, cell phone. Is it really necessary to carry 6 things to watch a soccer game? I took the soda so as not to have to purchase anything from the snack stand. Obviously I needed my car keys, but the cell phone? Well, in case my mother-in-law called and wanted to know which field we were on. The chair, sweat shirt and blanket? I have to have a chair, there are no bleachers. The sweatshirt is necessary as the field gets cold when the sun starts to go down, and the blanket? For my daughter, mostly, who ALWAYS forgets to bring a sweatshirt. I'm such an enabler.

Still, is it really necessary to carry all those things? I need to rethink this before the next game. Trying to make life more simple can be so complicated.

By the way, both kids won their games! yahoo!


Anonymous said...

There's no way you can go with less. You are such a good Mother and Grandmother. I'm so proud of you. Love you, Mom

anita said...

:) thanks mom, you made my day!