Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So you know those days when you have a melt down?
yea, that was me last Saturday.

It started innocently enough. I'd been a little crabby. Everything was annoying me. We tried to take the SeaDoo to Olympia to get it fixed because it's not running. Hasn't been running for two years...that's last summer and this summer. A person would think that it would be better to take the darn thing to get it repaired when you DON'T want to use it, like January? but no, we *ahem* wait until July; when there's a three week waiting list and they don't make appointments. Anyways...we take it to Olympia to the repair shop and we get there at 12:30, but they're closed. On a Saturday!?! Yep, closed at noon. Kinda explains the three week wait, huh? So we waste more gas and drive to a repair shop in Tacoma. Where they inform us that the SeaDoo is too old and they won't work on it. Too old???? We have to stop on the way home and put more gas in the car because the $15 we put in before we left wasn't enough to get us to Tacoma and back. Four hours later and we're finally home.

By this time, I'm more than annoyed and frustrated. Sunshine and nice weather are a rare commodity in these parts, and I've just wasted the better part of a Saturday sitting in the car accomplishing nothing. I go outside to work in the yard and promptly trip over a drip line from the sprinklers stretched across a couple feet of the driveway to a dead oak tree in a half whiskey barrel that's been needing to be dug up and burned for about 3 years now.

That's when I lost it.

and it wasn't pretty.

the neighbors must have thought I'd lost my mind. a side of me that seldom rears it's ugly head came out and words spewed forth from my mouth that are usually only heard in these parts of the country coming out of the mouth of a logger or a high schooler, take your pick.

after which I collapsed in a puddle on the living room floor and cried my eyes out for a good half an hour.

i feel better now.

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