Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a/c ?

You know that feeling when it's so hot that sweat starts to bead up on your top lip? and behind your knees? Yea, that's where I'm at. The thermostat says it's 79 degrees in the house. I refuse to turn on the a/c unless it reaches 80. I think it's time for a swim.


jeremy said...

i wish i had AC. Im a wimp, i'd have it dropped down to 70 and not care about the electric bill.

is it expensive to buy/install in a ~2000sqft house?

anita said...

I don't really know the cost, although you can buy portable air conditioners at Costco for around $120 that will just cool one room...a master bedroom or family room, perhaps? darn cheap in my book! We had heat pumps installed for our house when we built it, some 15 years ago, and they're still going strong! Of course, I hate paying that electric bill...hence the 80 degree rule. That only holds out during the week, though...make it a weekend and mike has that puppy cranked down to 70 as soon as the sun comes out!

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

We would kill for 79. It is that hot at 5am and up to the mid 90's during the day. I have had my AC on since May and am wodering if it is this hot in July...what will September bring? September is normally our hottest month.

Kaylee said...

Well, I too, could participate in the "hot weather" conversation. As everyone knows it is HOT in Arizona. My A/C is running 24-7. Thank you Lord for A/C! I would die without it. The bill is enormous, but I don't care. We need cool! :)
Thanks for the comment, Anita. Just wanted you to know I got it. I've actually thought about the etsy shop thing, but I get so discouraged when I see the hundreds of thousands of etsy shops selling the same thing I would sell. I need to research it more!
Stay cool! ;)

anita said...

Carolyn, it finally reached 80, but that was inside and I had to turn on the a/c...not sure what it was outside, somewhere in the 90's would be my guess. I hate paying that electric bill! Hubby dug out the outside plastic roll up blind thingies this morning and hung them up for me...ah, what a difference! I guess I can't complain too much, tho, when it could be rainy and gray!

Kaylee...I love Phoenix, but oh it's SO hot there! I remember being there one time in August and it was 115 degrees, unbelievable! I don't think I could ever live there in the summer...now winter? hmm, that's a different story! Hope all is well with you, Rand and the boys!