Friday, July 18, 2008

bonus room

Today was my day to clean the bonus/media room. It's basically a small home theater. I very seldom go in there because, frankly, the controls to watch a movie are much too complicated. I end up getting frustrated and annoyed and give up. As a result, the room is mostly ignored by me, and seldom cleaned. But, today was the day.

I turned the lights up and was confronted by a host of dirty dishes, blankets, pillows and STUFF. The dirty dishes went into the dishwasher, the blankets were folded and put away, the pillows placed in just the right position on the correct couch. Now for the hard part...the STUFF.

There is a freestanding wall sitting about 3' from the outside wall of the house, which has a cabinet base built onto it, and above it, mounted onto the wall, the ginormous theater screen. On top of that cabinet rest 12, count 'em, 12! remote controls, a stack of dvds 6" high, a Wii game console, with about a dozen games, a laptop computer and mouse, and a 2-year-old paper listing of all of our movies, which is completely and totally outdated.

Behind the wall are the following items:
black suitcase
extra desk chair
4 Wii Dance Revolution floor mats

my cedar chest, (which has been handed down thru 3 or 4 generations and is technically my daughter's, or granddaughter's, but which I am afraid to give to her because I don't want it to get ruined.)
two cardboard boxes full of pictures and slides, etc.
a speaker

I don't know what to do with the DVD's and I don't know which remote controls are good and which are garbage, if any.
I put the suitcase in a storage closet, folded up the floor mats and put them on top of the desk chair, back behind the wall.
The cedar chest is there to stay for awhile, but I think I'll scrounge up a better blanket than the pink plaid horse blanket from Honduras that is presently covering it.
The boxes of pictures are sitting in the middle of the room waiting for the hubby to sort through them and put them in labeled plastic storage boxes, somewhere other than on top of my cedar chest.

I can't dust and I can't vacuum until this stuff is done. On the other hand, I sorted through the games and other junk that are in the cabinet and was able to weed out a few things to get rid of. Yea!

Guess what the hubby gets to work on tonight?

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