Sunday, July 6, 2008

Olympic trials

Check it out, this picture was taken at the U. S. Olympic Trials for track and field, held this past week in Eugene, Oregon.

See that guy in the front? That's Alan Webb. He's the American Record holder in the mile. He's also a world champion athlete, and one of the best middle distance runners in the world.

See the guy in second? That's Bernard Lagat; one of the best 1500m runners in the entire world. He holds both silver and bronze Olympic medals and is a world champion athlete.

Now see that guy in the red shorts and white shirt with the shaved head behind them? In about fifth place? That kid is named Andrew McClary. He is a junior at the University of Arkansas. His mom is one of my best friends and my dear, sweet hubby was his high school track coach, just a few, short years ago.

Andrew finished eighth today, in the finals, running with some of the absolute premiere runners in the entire world. Unbelievable.

Watch for both Andrew and his twin brother, Alex, in the 2012 Olympics!

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