Thursday, July 24, 2008


Oh. my. goodness. Will you check this out....

a robot that mops your floors? too good to be true! I did read some reviews that said some people are having problems with theirs. Maybe I'll wait a year until they work the bugs out of it and ask for one for Christmas, or my birthday.

Which means I still want that Dooney and Burke purse for my birthday this year, hon!


Jami said...

I have one and its great for quick clean while you do something else. It doesn't get the corners or edges great (but what does besides hands and knees)but for something else doing your floors its fine. I find that if something is really stuck on I have to get after its done as well. The nice thing is you can use just water and vinegar and not have to purchase the cleaning solution. Which means if you have hard wood you can use it on that (as long as you dry it after). I like it on days where I have more that I want to do then I have time to do it.

jeremy said...

Like Jami said, we have the scooba, and we also have Roomba. I also bought the gutter cleaning robot too.

The idea behind these things is not that they clean better or faster than you, but rather that you are not doing it.

For the daily cleaning, these things are slick. Turn 'em loose as you are leaving for the morning, and come home to clean floors.

Unless you have caked on stuff that requires the fingernail scrubbing, these things do just fine. These just dont have the power or weight to do heavy scrubbing. I love ours, they get used several times a week.