Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eating local

I've been trying to purchase and eat more local foods lately. Well, depending on what you mean by "local", I guess. My definition is anywhere I can drive within a day.

So my bi-weekly trip to Costco on Sunday? Well...

Cherries, grown in Washington
Cheese...Tillamook, Oregon...wait, I put back that cheese. where is the cheese I bought from? Buffalo, NY!! What was I thinking?
Bananas...well, i know they're not from Washington, but the hubby's not going to give up his bananas, no matter where they're from.
Canned mandarin oranges...uh oh. I think I forgot the whole local thing...China! China! Who knew they grew and canned oranges in China!
Parmesan cheese...Illinois.

I'm not very good at this, I guess. I did buy strawberries from Spooners today, though!


Simply Authentic said...

well you got some local stuff! that's a step in the right direction if that is your goal! tillamook cheese=good! and it's far more local than NY! :-)

anita said...

Thanks for the comment! Yea, I'm working on it...today I'm trying out Red Mill's steel cut oats!