Friday, September 26, 2008

One day at a time...

Monday: Up and at 'em early...move essentials out to the trailer, the wood floor guys are here at 8:45 a.m. to start the refinishing process. Oops, fridge is still in the kitchen, didn't I mention that to the hubby on Friday?

Go to the laundromat...nothing to do in the internet, no cable, forgot a book, hubby forgot movies...spend all day putzing around the laundromat doing this and that, then work from 6 to closing. Stop for a video on the way home and some chips and salsa...not feeling so good, sore throat and tired.

Tuesday: Ugh, staying in the trailer is not nearly so fun when it's parked in the driveway. Take a shower in a 12"x24" shower, try to keep the plastic shower curtain from molesting me...feel awful. Throat is on fire. Spend all day putzing at the laundromat again, supposed to work 6 to closing, only I leave at 8 and call someone in, cause I'm feeling awful!

Wednesday: Work early, feel like cr*p, drive the grandson to the soccer field to meet his coach and get a new uniform; evidently baby sister threw his away, drive an hour to his soccer game, only to have just 4 kids show up from their team so they have to forfeit. What's that all about? Kids don't play soccer if it's 50 degrees outside and pouring down rain? They play anyway with a borrowed player and get creamed 20-3. (Guess who scored the 3? uh-huh, you got it, my favorite little boy!) Feel like I'm a walking zombie...throat is beyond painful...can't energy. One more night in this trailer and I'm going to lose it.

Thursday: Go to doctor, diagnosed with pnuemonia, second time this year...what's up with that? No, I don't smoke. Spend $30 on antibiotics, along with $90 on my regular much for this week's paycheck. Supposed to be leaving on vacation on Monday...can't work, better get better or I can't fly, much less go in a smoke-filled casino...ha! I'll drive if I have to...I'm going! Get a pedicure...makes me feel better, sorta, go home to the house...we can go in! Ack! Almost have a stroke from the fumes...back to the trailer...floors look great though!)

Friday: Meds are starting to kick in. I slept last night, finally, sorta. Take a bath in my bathtub..ah! Go to the laundromat, get online, balance the checkbook...ack, too much eating out this week. Go to Oly, get a new pair of shoes for my trip. I'm done in...back to the house, go online, post on my blog for the first time in a week...heading to bed. I feel human again, but barely.

That was my they say, tomorrow's another day! Hopefully by Monday I will be well enough to fly.


Anonymous said...

What a week! Hope you will be 100% by Monday. Have a great time in Vegas. Love, Mom

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Hey least you feel better..the floor look great and your not showering in a is good.....

tracy hanson said...

Hi Anita,
That sounded like a terrible week.
I hope your Vacation was refreshing.