Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Several weeks ago I was in Olympia and decided to hit some of those fantastic school supply sales at the office supply stores. I went to three different stores and Target, and managed to get a ton of school supplies for a whopping 8 bucks.

Included in my purchases were 3 pairs of childrens scissors, 4 bottles of glue, 4 packs of crayons, colored pencils, #2 pencils, notebook paper, rulers, glue sticks, erasers, and a bunch of other stuff! It would have cost $50 or more for everything I bought, had I paid full price.

I have six grandchildren attending school this year. I told my daughter to pick out what her two school-age children needed, and to give the rest of the supplies to her step-daughters. I knew there wouldn't be everything that they needed in the bag, but I figured it would cover a good portion of their lists.

She added some markers to the bag and dropped it off for the girls at their house. Later, during a phone conversation with one of her step-daughters, a voice was heard in the background complaining about the fact that the girls received no new school clothes this year from their dad and my daughter, and that we shouldn't even have bothered giving them the supplies since they didn't get everything they needed and there was so "little" there.

I wish now that I had kept them and donated them to someone who would really appreciate them. I tell myself the supplies were for the kids, not their mom, and I'm sure they appreciate them, even if their mom doesn't. But still, I wonder if these kids would think the same thing:


Anonymous said...

You are so much like your Dad! He loves to buy school supplies for the kids and donates them to charities. I'm sure your Grandchildren were very happy to get them, even if their Mother wasn't satisfied. Keep up the good work. Love you, Mom

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Girl I have a step-daughter in law just like that....1 income..3 kids under the age of 3. I buy for the kids and take it over there and never see them with any of it on...but let the lady next door gove them something and that all you hear about. Last year we bought all the Christmas and the only thing we heard was what the fire departemnt gave them......I have basically cut them off since what I get seems to be of no value to them....I can spend that money on me!!!!!!!!!

Family said...

I found your blog through as I am a member too - I listed simple living as one of my interests as you did. I have stepchildren as you mentioned in your 'gratefulness' post. My mom has always included my stepdaughters in her giving to my children. Have they always been grateful? Not by a long shot, but that did not stop her giving to them. They have to live with that, not her. My children have been taught to say thank you but unfortunately my stepdaughters, being raised by their mother, were no taught that - as your stepgrandchildren obviously have not either. However, as Christians, we need to be a Godly example to them and not hold it against them - I mean, look at what Jesus did for us - and we are not always grateful (humans). And just a thought about the ex-wife of your friend - my husband and I went bowling one time, his ex and her boyfriend were there - she blasted him (my husband)for having the nerve to bring me to the bowling alley - it IS a free country and others can go wherever they want - the Christian thing to do is to go about what you and yoru friends were doing and don't hold the ex to your standards - especially if she is not a Christian - she needs a good example, perhaps, of what Christians do. Be a doormat? Of course not, but be Christ like in reaction to unpleasant circumstances.

anita said...

Thank you for your comments...I appreciate them. They are a good reminder. My friend IS a Christian, that's part of my problem...she knows better, and has admitted that to me, but is choosing to go this route in spite of that. We continued to listen to the music and enjoy our evening, and they ended up leaving. I just felt it was completely insensitive on her part, and frankly, a slap in the face to all of us, but mostly to her husband. But then, like you say, it is a free country and she's welcome to go wherever she chooses.