Saturday, September 20, 2008

Conversation overheard

Yesterday, while I was at work, I was sitting on the floor between two rows of washing machines, scrubbing and polishing them, when I overheard this conversation between two of our customers, who were in the row behind me.

Hey! How are you? Where are you living these days? Oh, I'm waiting for a place up to open up, up the canal. It's really's a park-style trailer and it's in my price range... if I heat it with propane, I have to pay for it, but if I use an electric heater, the electricity comes with the trailer for free! Until then, I'm tenting it... Oh really? That sounds great, I hope you get it...where are you at in the meantime? Behind WalMart. That's where tent city is now. They moved us out of the other place, across the highway.

It put a whole new perspective on some things for me.

I am so spoiled and so fortunate.

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