Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My 6th grandchild started kindergarten today. Well, actually she started last week, but that was just introduction to Kindergarten. Today she started her full day, every day schedule. Hard to believe this beautiful little girl is in school now. Although, some days, with her attitude and vocabulary, I think she should be in middle school, not kindergarten. She taught herself how to read about a year ago and knows how to add and do simple math. When the teacher tested her, she completed the test for exiting K and read the entire book, something else no one in the class was able to do. The K teacher has recommended she go straight to first grade, but the principal has vetoed the idea. "Not school policy" you know. My daughter can't figure out where she got her smarts far as she is concerned she'd have quit school long before she graduated...if Mom would have let her! ha!

In the past I was always one who followed all the guidelines and obeyed all the rules. Now I just think that there are way too many stupid rules which don't allow for individuality and and dumb us all down to the lowest common denominator. Why hold this child back and wait for the others to catch up, when she could be soaring ahead and excelling?

I'm thinking Grandma's going to have to take her on some field trips and do some home-schooling on the side to keep things interesting. I love that girl so much.

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