Tuesday, March 17, 2009

speaking of money

Speaking of money and coffee cans...when I was younger, our family had a running joke that my grandma used to store her money in coffee cans buried in her yard. My uncle would claim that he had dug up some of her coffee cans and was going to go and look for more! I never really knew whether she actually did bury money in her yard, but i doubt it was a true story. Mom?

Not too long ago, I found out that someone I know actually does this; only her money is wrapped in coffee filters and buried, instead of coffee cans. I won't say who or where she lives, as I'd hate to have her wake up one morning and find her yard looking like a mole had suddenly attacked in the middle of the night!

Kinda makes you wonder, though,
in these times of economic stress, if maybe she isn't on to something! The interest isn't great, but at least she hasn't lost her life savings!

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Anonymous said...

No she didn't actually bury any. This joke got started when she lived in Durant. But I'm wondering how your friend's money will hold up in coffee filters in that wet climate. I hope it's in coins not bills. :) Love you, Mom