Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's party!

Three of my grandchildren were baptized on Saturday at the local Catholic church. After a beautiful service, my son-in-law and daughter and the godparents hosted a very fun, traditional Mexican baptism party. There were over 200 people in attendance! For my gift, I purchased flowers and made arrangements for the centerpieces of the tables, with some help from one of my friends. They turned out really nice, if I do say so myself!

We had chicken, rice, beans, fruit salad, vegetable trays, tortillas, green salad and pasta salad. The food was delicious, and after that, cake for dessert! It was very much like a wedding reception, with a live band and dancing well into the night. Although I've yet to get used to the idea of having huge parties to celebrate every occasion, I am learning to appreciate the hispanic culture more and more; especially, the idea of how family is embraced and celebrated at every occasion and how children, although taught to be extremely respectful, are allowed and encouraged to be at every celebration and occasion. They're never thought of as a burden, but are always welcomed with open arms.

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