Monday, March 17, 2008

Defrosting time

Twice in the last week I've tried to cook crepes for dinner...with strawberries. Twice I've pulled out containers of frozen strawberries and twice I've had to throw them away. One time the berries were soft and mushy and had no flavor what-so-ever. The other time, they were covered with freezer burn and after letting them thaw it was obvious they were no good. What's so frustrating about this is that one of those containers was full of berries that I had frozen. They were Spooner berries! and on top of that, there are at least two more containers in the freezer that are probably no good either. Argh!

The strawberry season here in the Pacific Northwest is pretty short. A few weeks is about all we get. Spooners is a local berry farm who puts up a stand in our small town. I'd have eaten those berries fresh in a heartbeat, had I known they were going to go bad in the freezer! Obviously, there's a technique to freezing berries that I am unfamiliar with.

I guess it's time to clean out the freezer and see what else is in there. I HATE wasting food and the freezer is in dire need of being defrosted anyway!

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