Friday, March 28, 2008


I've had a lot of advice lately, from well-meaning friends, most of whom have NO clue whatsoever. I've often said that unless someone has walked in my shoes, they have no right to tell me what I "should do".

Last week, however, the wife of one of my pastors called, just to tell me she and Pastor G. were praying for my family. I shared with her my frustration with people, again well-meaning, who were giving me advice about what my husband and I should do about a certain, very-private, family situation. Her words to me...follow the lead of our heavenly father. If He lays it on my heart to follow a certain path and take specific actions, then that's the road we should take; different people have different paths in life, goals are accomplished in different ways, and no one way may be the "right" way.

I appreciated that advice more than she may ever know.


Anonymous said...

I think of you so often and feel like I can so relate to you Anita.

When everything first happened with one of our sons, I couldn't even begin to think, breath, sleep or simply function in any "normal" way. I felt like the world & the church was/is watching every move I make to see if I "do it right".

The circle of who I invite in to this very personal and painful situation is fairly small, even though I know that the broad spectrum of people who know about it is wider than I know. I think the "well meaning ones" might just be looking for a way "in" to the inner circle of where we are.

Like your wise counselor said, Follow the Father's lead. By staying in touch with him, the Spirit is able to work in and through and around our lives.
I haven't done it all that well, I must admit. But even though it feels like I am just going through the motions sometimes, I believe that the act of obedience is still honoring to God and he still strengthens me to get up every day, acknowledge his soverignty and move on toward him. By your posts, I see you doing that and I know God is your strength.

Jesus is the only one FULL of truth and grace. He's 100% truth and 100% grace. We moms/parents have to walk the tightrope of balancing T&G with our kids, no matter what goes on in their lives.
When others walk a foot in our "mom" shoes, they may understand the weight of the balance bar we carry. Our kids choices affect us profoundly. And how we walk under the pressure affects The Kingdom profoundly as well. We are called to walk a unique walk. One that requires much prayer and patience and most of all TRUST that God is holding on to our boys with eagle tallons.

I love you, I admire you and I am praying for you.


anita said...

Thank you Jaynee, your words are wise and I can appreciate and relate to everything that you say. I very much treasure your friendship and encouragement!