Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Creative Journal

My new obsession? Creative journaling! aka visual journaling...
I've never been real artistic. I think it comes with my obsession for details and organizing. My gift is administration, and somehow being artistic just doesn't fit in with that.
HOWEVER! I came across several blogs recently that talk about creative journaling, and my oh my, do I love it!
Basically, you take a journal, cover the pages with paper, paint, ink, stamps, and whatever other crap you have on hand! (excuse my french!) You can write in it, although I usually don't...I usually just cut out words from magazines, papers, whatever, or use stamps to print words that express my feelings that day. I'm becoming obsessed!
Anyone need any ideas for gifts for me and here you cards to JoAnn's or Michael's so I can buy more craft and paint stuff!
Here are a couple links to blogs that inspire me:

the altered page
the land of lost luggage
rebecca sower's weblog

One last pages are NOT even close to theirs...but maybe someday!


thealteredpage said...

Anita: Thank you so much for mentioning The Altered Page. Your generous comments about my blog and my art are greatly appreciated! Best, Seth

Anonymous said...

This was really interesting. I loved reading it.