Sunday, March 9, 2008

Apple dumplings

Anyone who doesn't read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman simply MUST read her blog! It is so funny, it's almost always my first read of the day. I also tried one of her recipes the other day, for apple dumplings...they were delicious! (yes, for those skeptics out there, I really DO cook! I don't know how that rumor ever got started...)

p.s. i would only use about half the mt. dew the recipe calls for, mine ended up being quite runny and i had to pour quite a bit of liquid off after they were done cooking.

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Tammy B said...

Pioneer Woman is the blog I check first... LOVE it! Haven't tried any of the recipes yet. Rick really likes Mountain Dew, so I had been wondering about trying the Apple Dumpling recipe. The salad she posted today looks good too!

I think my second fave would have to be Dawn's writing reminds me of Erma Bombeck.