Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I continue to have issues. But this has nothing to do with my current state of anger and rage. It has to do with my hair.

I have really gray hair. Don't even ask why. That has to do with my current state. Anyways...I go to this upscale (i.e. really expensive) salon, about 45 minutes away from this God forsaken town that I live in, mostly because nobody there knows me. It's gotten to be ridiculously expensive and I tried to go to different hair stylists in this town, but I backslid and returned to Gene J. Partly because they always give you glasses of ice water with lemon in it, but mostly because I just like it there. It makes me feel "special". The point is, I went last week and got my hair colored, just as I do every six weeks. But for some reason, it turned out dark. Really, really dark. Way darker than it usually is. The girl must have somehow messed up, because now I look goth. And for this I paid a bu**-load of money. Plus gas. So now I'm either going to have to live with this, which is better than the grown-out skunk look I had going on, or I'm going to have to call up there and explain my problem and reschedule another appointment and drive back up there and have them put some highlights in so that it doesn't look so dark and pay more money. And frankly, I can barely leave my house right now. But that's a whole 'nother story.

P.S. I just made myself an appointment for Friday.

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Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I was in the same situation so I decided to have mine highlighted to work with the gray and not against it. Has worked pretty well so far but of course my hair is dishwater blonde/light brown with grey in the top.....might be a thought