Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bella Boo

Bella came to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma tonight while her Mama, Papi, five sisters and brother, and three cousins went to the movies. My daughter and son-in-law are a glutton for punishment...or just love, love, love kids! I cherish the fact that I live so close to my children and grandchildren and can do these spur-of-the-moment fun times with them! Bella is a clown. She is such a fun baby to spend time with. She is the only baby I've ever seen that can actually make a walker go forward, not just backward! She loves any toy that lights up or makes noise and put some music on the stereo or computer and she dances away! She's chubby and happy and loved so much by all her siblings...she's just a joy to have around and I'm glad she came to see Nana and Grandpa tonight! :)


jen said...

Ya by the way thank you so much for watching her! That was really sweet of you!:)

Jami said...

William can go forward, but he has also figured out how to get out... I hope for you Bella doesn't figure that out for a while :)

anita said...

ooh, not good!