Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Library

I love the library. I love to go there and read; it's so quiet and peaceful. I love to go and look at the newspaper and magazines. I love to go and get FREE magazines! but mostly, I love to check out books. Lots and lots of books. For FREE!

Well, that is, free unless you happen to set your library book down in a puddle of water on the edge of the bathtub, thereby soaking thru a couple pages. And then you try and blot the pages dry and use your blow dryer to dry them, but they're still kinda wrinkled, even though they're in perfectly fine condition and you can still read them with no problem.

So you take the book back to the library and TELL them what you did, and show them the pages, and hope that because you're being honest and not just throwing the book back into the bin outside, that maybe they'll say it's okay, don't worry about it. but they don't. and instead they make you pay $27 for a book you checked out because it was free. and it wasn't even that good of a book anyways and you don't even WANT the dumb book.

Other than that, I love the library.


mary said...

I feel your pain about the book. But aren't you glad you can sleep well (and bathe in peace) knowing you did the right thing? I'm thankful we don't have late fees. I hear of other library systems that charge late fees. Now that would be really painful! I'm surprised we haven't met at the free magazine pile. My favorites? Real Simple and the business magazine, Fast Company.

anita said...

Real Simple? I love that magazine! There were a bunch of them in the box on Monday when I was there and I only took one! might be some left!