Monday, January 14, 2008

KPS sucks

current mood: greatly annoyed, how is it that health insurance companies can raise their rates and lower their benefits at the same time?

current activity: blogging, when I should be cleaning the bathroom

current joy: a forgotten chocolate bar in the refrigerator that the hubby bought from some kid trying to raise money! whoo hoo!

my mood is improving.


Senior Bowler said...


It isn't only Health Insurance Companies...we had car insruance with the same company 17 yrs. When we move from Florida to Alabama there was a mistake with the routing on our checking account that created a problem with our payment (pay it on line or over the phone). In dec, they claim they could not find the account we have paid them from for the last 17 years so they "CANCELLED" our insurnace. NO claims, no bad checks, no missed payment just a clerical error and zip your gone....I was so mad I could spit!!!!!!!!

Now with another compnay with more coverage for the same money....

anita said...

we switched our car insurance to AARP, now that my hubby is 50 (something) and their rates are much lower and they seem to be easier to work with.