Monday, May 12, 2008

The Weber

The hubby and I purchase new gas bbq grills about as often as the average person purchases new underwear. Despite our best intentions, every grill we've ever bought has been left outside and ends up succumbing to the elements in a pile of rust.

Last year the hubby went online and researched gas grills, checked out Consumer Reports, and faithfully watched the ads. He decided on a Weber and when Home Depot put them on sale, we were there! We snatched up the last Weber gas grill that was in stock, that rated high on the Consumer Reports list, and got a really good deal on it. We brought it home, marveled at it's beauty, and proceeded to bbq away on that poor sucker almost every single night. When winter came, and with it our purchase of a freezer-full of beef, including numerous t-bone steaks, I moved the bbq onto the front porch, and out of the weather. Forget about home decor! Don't worry that the bbq blocked the Christmas decorations on the front porch! Who cares what it looked like sitting there! I wanted that baby protected, out of the weather, and somewhere where I could USE it! No more rusty grills for me. I cleaned the Weber faithfully and a year later, it was still looking like new!

Fast forward to two weeks ago and the local high school invitational track meet. Picture the Weber in the back of the hubby's pickup truck and on it's way to bbqing dozens, nay, hundreds of hamburgers! See, if you can, the look of dismay on my face when the grill came home, having faced grease and oil the likes of which it has never seen. Think, if you will, of the Iraqi "scorched earth" policy.

The poor Weber has been sitting in the driveway now for 2 1/2 weeks. The hubby promised to clean it up, good as new, but there she sits. He claims the need for "degreaser". I found today that hot water, dish soap, a scrub brush, and good old elbow-grease work great as a degreaser. And by tonight, the Weber will be back in her place of honor on the front porch.

Ha, we'll see if she goes to school next year! I may even resort to chains and a lock.


jeremy said...

i love my weber. I've had one for 6 years. It lives on the (uncovered) back deck, under the overhang of the roof. I call that "somewhat covered."

I winter it with a canvas cover. It does get rained on here and there, and i've had to replace some of its guts before (rust). But the weber folks keep replacement parts online.

Liz said...

ha ha ha! I can so relate. I got hubby a Weber a couple of years ago for father's day and we have used that sucker a bunch and every once in awhile I look at it and say hmmm.... could use a good scrubbing. Hubby says, yeah it could, I'll get right on it. So it waits till I get right on it. We use the canvas cover on ours too! It was worth every penny!