Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My thoughts today:

*If I'm ever going to get my goals reached this summer, as far as my yard is concerned, I have to stop being inside on the computer, and start spending more time outside, actually working in the yard.

*How is it that one of my best friends could decide, after twenty years of marriage, to walk out on her husband and turn her back on her children and grandchildren?

*Is the whole world going crazy? or is it just me?

*Could we possibly have TWO sunny days in a row where the temperature is above sixty degrees?

*What are the odds that two of our employees will quit on the same day? and how fortunate that we didn't have to fire them...

*Only three more weeks of high school track. Does this mean that I will actually get to see and spend time with my husband again?

*I am in need of a better attitude.

p.s. Thanks to my friend Tracey who has a couple rhubarb roots she's giving me!

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