Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love a good deal!

I know, I didn't stay away long...I just had to write about the awesome deals I got today!

First, I found a $10 off a $10 or more purchase at JCPenneys coupon in the paper last week. I stopped by today, while in Olympia, and found a pair of sweats that I really needed on sale for $12.00. With tax, they cost me $3.01.

Then I also had another coupon for $10 off a $10 or more purchase at Eddie Bauer. I also ran in there and found a nice summer t-shirt on clearance for $9.99. With tax it cost me $.85.

I had one other coupon for $10 at Victoria's Secret, and a $5 Kohl's coupon, but unfortunately, I ran out of time. I'll be going back to Olympia in a couple days, though, so I'll use them them. I'm planning on going back to Penney's, too, in order to look around some more. I saw some amazing sales going on, but just didn't have time to look.


Anonymous said...

What a gal! Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Glad to see your blog. I miss them. Love you, Mom

.justin said...

hey anita.
i can't find your email, but i'm sure you'll get this...

i'm sure you heard by now that our sleeping bags got stolen from your shelton laundromat downtown.

jenny said she'd "check the video tapes" but that was a few weeks ago and i haven't heard back from her. what did she see? can i look at them?

anyway, thanks for your help.