Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reason for the Season

Is there a reason that the heater in your car breaks when it's COLD outside? I guess it would make sense that you don't use the heater when it's hot out...but seriously, it's COLD outside...and now, inside, too!

Is there a reason that the one time in the whole year your brother-in-law, who lives in Hawaii, comes to the mainland to visit his boys, who live in Bend, Oregon, a six-hour drive away, is the same weekend as your grandchildren's Christmas program at church, which you've shuttled them back and forth to Sunday School for practice for the last month, and promised them you would be at?

Is there a reason that the painter you have been waiting patiently for, for four months, finally has time to come and paint your family room, living room, kitchen and bathroom the week before Christmas, when you have twenty people coming to your house for dinner and you can't even set up your Christmas tree because it will be in the way and your sewing machine is set up on your desk, along with yards and yards of fabric, waiting to be made into Christmas gifts, and you have to clean it off and move your desk so the wall behind it can be painted and Christmas is only a week and a half away?

I must remember the reason for this season and not let these temporary inconveniences distract me. I love you Jesus.


Senior Bowler said...

This is a reason for all those things but it is not for us to understand...maybe it is a test to see how much we can handle in the hectic Christmas times......I send you warmth from South you feel it?

anita said...

well, it's not REAL warm, but at least it's not raining! lol