Monday, May 11, 2009


The hubby and I are planning a trip to Europe in 3 years. Our hope is to attend the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where, hopefully, two of the athletes he coached in high school will be running. We are hoping to be gone for about a month, visiting various other locations, also. (Thinking Paris, Spain, Germany...)

How are we funding this trip? Airline miles and hotel rooms garnered by use of our credit card...we have over 300,000 points waiting to be used. The hubby uses the credit card for EVERYTHING, then pays it off every month. If we could just get the county to let us pay our property taxes with it!

Spending money? lol...believe it or not I find approximately $1.00 in change at the laundromat every day I work. Money in dryer vents...washing machine drains...over the course of the four years that we will have been planning this trip, I figure I will be able to save approximately $1,000. I clean all the change out of my pockets and wallet every night and throw it in a jar. Amazing how much money people leave in their clothes!

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